Are You An Earth Sensitive? and Why You Need to Know

I am most definitely an Earth Sensitive, as well as Empath, and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), each to varying degrees…it can be so stressful for me at times, taking on the energies from outside of myself. It’s no wonder I retreat MUCH of the time lately! As I’m strengthening my self during this ahhh-mazing spiritual awakening with my Higher Self! ūüėÄ ‚̧

Serene Reflection

6 Elements - Earth Healing Mandala - woven by Sangeeta Bhagwat

It takes only about 5 minutes of news to make the most resilient of us feel exhausted and dismayed.  Current world events, weather disruptions and mishaps seem to be growing in frequency and scale.  While some articles describing the traits of Empaths and Highly Sensitive Personshave been doing the rounds, there is relatively less information available for Earth Sensitives.  For them, the current times can be overwhelming.  Even more so, if you do not even realize what is happening with you and why.

To me, labels have their limitations and I use all these terms more as pointers rather  than rigorous classifications.  My intent here is to provide some practical, useful  checklists for those who may have been seeking such support. I myself fit the descriptions of an Empath, HSP as well as an Earth Sensitive.

Previously, I have shared several Tools For Empaths.  I strongly recommend referring to that…

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